Wanting the edit their own site, CAMG, Inc. hired us to rebuild their site. We gave them the ability to do just that.

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We see it all the time. A web developer locks the customer from being able to edit their own site. Using esoteric tools, or using code to create elements. Such was the case with CAMG, Inc. Their previous developer had written everything in code, forcing all edits to be performed by the developer.

We think different.

We use WordPress CMS because, hey maybe you want to edit your site. Crazy talk I know, right?

So when we build a site, coding will be required, but the majority of the site will be editable by the customer should they decide to go that route.
* The link is to an archive of the version built by juliuslopezcompany.



Services Provided:

  • Wireframing
  • WordPress Development

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