Boost Your Online Exposure and Build a Web Presence Fast

July 06, 2020

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Putting your business out there in the online world is a big first step toward building your business. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business, service business or an online business, getting online is crucial. But the theory that “if you build it, they will come,” does not apply. Once you establish your presence, you need to use the tools at your disposal to help your business grow.

How to boost exposure and build a web presence

Consumers are spending more time online now, shopping more online and expecting even more to be available at their fingertips. So we are getting down to basics on how to build a web presence then getting noticed. A lot of resources are available on how do this, but this recent post from StartUp Nation outlines this succinctly and in a logical order:

Setting up your website

  1. Buy your company URL: If you have a company name or are thinking of a few ideas, go online and see if the URL is available. If it is, buy it before someone else does. People buy URLs with the hope of reselling them for a profit later so get it while you can. If the one you want is taken, consider using “the” or “go” in front of it. You may need to consider whether the names of the social profiles are available if you haven’t reserved those yet.
  2. Establish a website: A website is a measure of credibility these days. Even if it is a simple site that explains what you do, what you sell and provides your contact info, that will give potential customers a place to find you and a site to include in your social bios. Without a website, you may get asked by potential customers “do you have a website?” Only to have to say that you do not.

Promoting your business

Update your social profiles: Your personal social profiles should be updated to include information about your business. It is like free advertising. Your company social profiles should be fully filled out to include all the info about your business. Use your social bios like short elevator pitches to explain a bit about what problem your business solves for the customer. You should also include yourself as a team member on your Facebook business page so your customers know the person behind the business.

Toot your own horn: Join industry groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and respond when there is an opportunity for you to provide your expertise. Be cautious not to “sell” your services, but use the opportunities to build an online presence. If you stand out as someone who knows their business, you may see referrals come in from those groups.

Be a guest on other blogs: Sites are always looking for content. Offer to partner with others in your industry to see if they will accept guest posts. Sometimes reciprocal arrangements can benefit both parties. That is another means of free advertising. Just don’t spread yourself too thin. Blogging takes time and effort so if you commit to it, you have to follow through.

Present online: If you have expertise that can be shared with others, consider participating in an online industry virtual summit. You can also host your own webinar. In addition to gathering more contacts in your field, you have credibility that you can add to your website. Again, adding content that is always needed will help you build a web presence.

Need Help With Your Website?

At Trivessa, we do websites, graphic design, and more. We can help you with a number of these tactics to help you with your online presence. The most important is a mobile responsive website – we can build you a brand new site from the ground up or build a new your site to replace one that is outdated or no longer fits your business needs.

Guidance is also available on which social platforms are best for your type of business and the amount of time you have to devote to each plus help refresh your existing social media profiles. We offer a free, no obligation consultation. Give us a call, send us an email, or schedule a time to chat directly on our calendar.

Image: StartUp Nation

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