Is There a Difference Between Geofencing and Geotargeting?
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Have you recently heard the buzzwords geotargeting and geofencing. Maybe you feel like you are missing out the the latest marketing craze. We are here to help you sort out these terms and how they can apply in the real world. One or both may be good solutions for your business. Read on….

What is geotargeting?


Geotargeting is an efficient and effective way for advertisers to use a geographic radius to hone in on select potential customers. Say you own a taco shop and know that your customers generally come from within a three mile radius. Some may come from farther, but the bulk of your business is within that three mile radius. The advertising you select for your campaigns will be limited to those in which you can effectively geographically target your media buys. Advertising two towns away isn’t going to be as effective and likely a waste of money. Geotargeting can be used with both digital media and traditional media such as outdoor boards and direct mail.

What is geofencing?


Geofencing is a technique that uses mobile phones to capture consumers when they step into an area defined by the marketer, or fence. Say you are running a promotion for Taco Tuesday at your taco shop and want to capture the attention of nearby consumers as they enter the shopping center where you are located? A beacon is used to alert that consumers have entered that area and your ad campaign is delivered to mobile phones for a radius around your shop with your promo. The goal here is to entice consumers to come by your taco shop rather than the other quick service establishments in the same shopping center.

If you want to delve into more detail on the differences between geotargeting and geofencing as well as other applications for these technologies, Quickbooks has provided a great resource. We have become so accustomed to geofencing in our everyday lives that we really do not even think of it as such.

Curious about a geotargeted or geofenced campaign?


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