How to Create A Portfolio That Will Make You Stand Out

July 07, 2020

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How do you make yourself stand out from the other 57 million freelance workers? You have to create a portfolio that expresses you at your best and gives your potential a reason to hire you. Build it strategically to persuade your future clients that you were made for the job. Read on to find out how to create a portfolio that will make you stand out from the rest.

How To Improve Your Portfolio?

There are a number of ways to improve your portfolio to help you stand out from the competition and land more freelance jobs. Below are six practices that you should apply to your portfolio to impress your future clients:

  1. Choose your niche: What are you interested in? What do you have the most experience in? Select a niche and be great at it! Find what really intrigues you and narrow in on your focus. This will help market yourself better and help you create a more specific portfolio.
  2. Lean into your strongest work samples: Which past project did your client find most impressive? What made your client extremely happy?  When you create your portfolio, showcase your best work and make sure it is relevant to the specific client your presenting it to.
  3. Make your ‘About Me’ stand out: What is your background? What is your experience? Introduce yourself in less than 250 words in order to keep the reader interested. Use this section to show your personality and to tell a story that will take the reader on a journey.
  4. Boast with social proof: How can I prove that I am a reliable worker? Give them proof of your previous clients and their validations. Some social proof that you can include: logos of brands you have worked with, published interviews and media mentions, awards and accolades. New clients want to make sure they are making the right decision.
  5. Add visual appeal: Make sure your portfolio is not boring. Include graphics, bright colors, timelines, illustrations, work samples and videos to add some spice to when you create your portfolio. You want to maintain their attention by making your portfolio aesthetically pleasing.
  6. Wrap it up with your call to action: You want to reel in your potential clients. Make them send you an email or give you a call to speak further. You want to make sure you compel your clients to take further action by choosing you.

Need help?

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