How to Handle a Temporary Shutdown

March 28, 2020

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As a business owner, these are uncertain times to say the least. There is every reason to be concerned about what business is going to look like in the weeks, possibly months ahead. You will need to respond to the changes in the marketplace due to safety concerns and the ability to provide goods and services as customers become more worried about venturing out. Businesses that respond quickly and adapt will likely suffer less.


How to handle the shutdown

The folks at American Express have provided some thoughtful guidelines that we have summarized here:

  1. Open for business is not typical. The number of customers served at one time must be reduced and how goods and services are provided to customers is going to have to change.
  2. Update your business operations. This is not business as usual – policies and procedures must be changed accordingly. Consider scheduling software to make sure that customer limits are adhered to.
  3. Pivot your business model. Some brick-and-mortar businesses are getting creative and going entirely online.
  4. Let employees know their worth. If employees are sick, they need to know they can stay home and not lose pay.
  5. Look into government assistance. Financial relief may be available through the SBA and the CDC has guidelines for operating your business safely. Also check with your local city and county public health offices.


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