New Apple Ad ‘The Whole Working From Home Thing’

July 14, 2020

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We are over the moon with this newly released Apple ad. It has everything you could want from Apple – humor, suspense, and relatability. Of course, every Apple ad also needs hero shots of Apple hardware and software to help save the day. This one has it all.

The Struggle of Working From Home

You may recall The Underdogs from a previous Apple ad about a team of packaging designers working on building a better pizza box. Well, they are back, and now like many of us, they are working from home. Their boss has high expectations, but not much time for them and not much time for giving direction to the team. Picture their boss as a cross between Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada and Laurie Bream in Silicon Valley.

The team has to dodge the trials and tribulations of working from home (dealing with screaming kids, overbearing aging parents, working in pajamas). All the while, they also have to manage the usual realities of getting work done under a VERY tight deadline and under budget. While many companies have taken on this topic in recent months in their TV commercials, Apple has played up the nuances so anyone working from home can relate. The ad is funny and given the times in which we are living, it is spot on.

What This Apple Ad Means for Small Businesses

At their recent WWDC (Wordwide Developer Conference), Apple announced that it will be re-launching a single productivity brand again. The programs Keynote, Pages and Numbers had originally launched under iWork, but were separated into individual programs a few years later. At WWDC in June, it was announced that iWork would be back. We suspect this is to address to the explosion in work-from-home and small business needs. As a side note, Apple just announced yesterday that the majority of their operations will not return to the office for the rest of 2020.


We use Pages, Numbers and Keynote and find them to be very user-friendly and great alternatives to the Microsoft Office products. They may take a little getting used to if you are more familiar with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, given that Pages, Numbers and Keynote are built into the Apple operating system and integrate well with other native programs, they are great alternatives for small business. Using them will cost you less as there is no additional cost as there would be with the Microsoft Office suite. Also, if you are in one of the creative fields, you may find the Apple programs to be more intuitive.

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Original Video: YouTube

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