Online Marketing Best Practices for Medical Professionals

July 21, 2020

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Being a doctor or a medical practitioner, your number one priority probably is not making sure you are keeping up to date with your online presence. However, if one of your priorities is marketing your medical practice to bring in new patients, then your online presence matters. Below are some tips on how you can increase your online presence, attract new patients, and provide a better online experience for existing patients.

Importance of having a website

Having a website for your business is critical now more than ever. It is the cornerstone of marketing any medical practice. Your website is your first impression for potential patients that want to know what services you offer. It has also come to be a measure of credibility and legitimacy. When a potential new patient looks at your site, they are able to get to know you before even meeting you in person. If a person just moved into a new city and needs to find a new doctor, the first thing they will do is go online to search.

Your website needs to represent who you are as a medical practitioner and what you can do to help the patient. Your website should be easy, quick and efficient to navigate on all devices – desktop and mobile. The most information that the potential patient will be looking for is what you offer so your website must contain all the current treatments and services you have available. Your website does not need to be complicated, but does need to also provide information about you and your experience, how to contact your practice, your business hours, and your location. Some practitioners also elect to include appointment or payment integration or access to medical records. Those are more complex integrations and are by no means required.

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Select a social media platform

Although your main priority as a medical practitioner may not be to maintain a social media presence, it should be one of your priorities as a business. Sharing content can boost your SEO. (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a means to help search engines for your website.) Having a consistent presence across your social channels can help broaden your reach and help increase your revenue.  

To avoid wasting time and money by trying to maintain several different social media platforms, narrow your focus on the platform that bests reaches your target audience. For example, Instagram is more popular among teens and younger adults while Facebook is more popular among older adults. Twitter is great for immediacy, but if you do not engage with it frequently, it is not the right platform. It is important to select a platform that is best suited for your practice, goals and target audience.  Whatever platform you use, keep in mind that the majority of web traffic is now mobile and that grows more each year.


Keeping up with a blog

Another way to improve your SEO efforts is to provide your patients with helpful information through consistent and regular blog posts. By providing useful information it boosts the image for both you and your business and keeps content fresh for search engines to find. During the cold and flu season, you could write a blog about why it is important to get a flu shot and other ways you can avoid the flu. You can improve SEO by entering medical keywords so you have a better chance of ranking higher on search. If you find it hard trying to maintain a consistent blog, you may want to consider hiring a professional help you create the perfect medical practice blog and can devote their time to keeping your blog up to date. A stale blog is worse than no blog at all.

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