Tactics to Increase E-Commerce Sales
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With the changes in the business dynamics, more consumers are shopping online now. This is the time to look at your e-commerce store and consider some changes to improve how your e-commerce store operates so you can increase sales.


Simple yet effective changes


While there are many changes you can make, some of them are simple and reduce potential customers barrier to making purchases. In this easily digestible piece from StartUp Nation, there are lots of great ideas to help your e-commerce store adapt to the changing landscape.


Looking to improve your e-commerce sales?


Of their suggestions, we have two recommendations for changes to your website and two changes to your marketing mix:

  • Website – Add live chat to your site. This is an easy feature to add and lets your customers know you are available to help if they have questions.
  • Website: Don’t force creating accounts at check out. Research shows that potential customers may abandon their cart if they have to create an account.
  • Marketing: Google Ads are highly targetable and give you the ability to track user actions, conversions, and return on investment (ROI).
  • Marketing Mix: Email Marketing is effective in promotions, closing the sale and re-marketing.


Need help?


At Trivessa, we can provide you with some of the best tools to help you implement changes to your website and your marketing mix. We can help you make changes to your e-commerce website , help you design and implement online ad campaigns and develop and deploy email marketing.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation. Give us a call, send us an email, or schedule a time to chat directly on our calendar.

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