Tactics to Increase eCommerce Sales

May 11, 2020

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With the changes in the business dynamics, more consumers are shopping online now. This is the time to look at your eCommerce store, evaluate what works, what does not work and make the necessary changes to increase eCommerce sales.

Simple yet effective changes

While there are many changes you can make, some of them are simple and reduce potential customers barrier to making purchases. In this easily digestible piece from there are lots of great ideas to help your eCommerce store adapt to the changing landscape.

Looking to increase eCommerce sales?

Take a look at the recommendations for some changes to can make to your website, your marketing efforts and your business process. Some may be more applicable to your particular business, but overall, these suggestions can help any business as they look to improve eCommerce sales.

Start using Google Shopping Ads.

If you have not already, this feature can help drive more traffic and improve eCommerce sales. Google Ads provide tracking which is helpful to see what is selling and your ROI.

Do not force creation of accounts at check out.

Research shows that potential customers may abandon their cart if they have to create an account. Help avoid this by not requiring that customers create an account to make a purchase. Make it an option only after checkout.

Bring down shipping rates.

Consumers love free shipping. A study found that 53 percent of abandoned shopping carts was due to high shipping. Figure out other ways to establish your pricing model to accommodate for shipping or bring down your costs with online shipping platforms that cater to eCommerce businesses.

Make products easy to experience online.

Utilize great photography so customers can so your products as much as possible. Give them the ability to zoom in closely on fabrics. More advanced techniques such as 3D, virtual tours, and AR (augmented reality) allow customers to see how furniture and decor would look in their homes.

Maximize SEO.

It may seem like marketing-speak, but SEO (search engine optimization) is how you get ranked high on Google. SEO can be a bit tricky and some businesses find it complex. If it is not something you want to handle, hire a marketing firm to assist you.

Remove barriers at checkout.

Some checkouts are frustrating to consumers if they require too many steps and check boxes. This can also lead to cart abandonment. Make it easy for customers to check out by removing steps where possible.

Rearrange pricing.

Test different pricing list results to see which works best. Maybe low to high is not best for your clientele. Try reversing that or using most popular or highly rated. The great thing is that you can test and feedback will help determine the best way forward.

Use Email Marketing.

Using email is effective to increase eCommerce sales because it is so dynamic. It can be used for promotions, closing the sale and re-marketing. It is timely and your list can be segmented based on what the customer has bought, how much they spent and when they last bought.

Add live chat to your site.

Live chat is a very easy feature to add and lets your customers know you are available to help if they have questions. Sometimes a quick answer to a question can be the deciding factor in whether s customer makes a purchase.

Use scarce or limited time offers.

People do not want to miss an opportunity, especially if they think that others will get in on an offer and they may miss out. Use limited time, scarce or limited run lots as another effective way to increase eCommerce sales.

Need help to improve eCommerce Sales?

At Trivessa, we can provide you with some of the best tools to help you implement changes to your website and your marketing mix. We can help you make changes to your website to improve eCommerce sales. We also have the expertise to help you design and implement online ad campaigns and develop and deploy email marketing.

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