Tiny Digital Businesses Impact Local Economies

April 08, 2020

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As a small business owner, you are right to be concerned about your ability to stay afloat. There is so much uncertainty right now. Business owners are taking stock in what they are doing and trying to decide which direction is best. Do you stay in business and try to weather the storm? It is hard to predict what the outcome will look like because this is no ordinary economic downturn.


The impact on local economy


As a way to spark optimism, we thought we would share some research out of a recent study that points to small (actually tiny) digital companies making an impact on their local economies.

As reported in this New York Times article, a joint research study between GoDaddy and the University of Arizona reports that each “highly active venture…per 100 people added $331 to the growth in the median household income in a county over a two-year period.” This single statistic may not seem like a lot, but in aggregate, this can add up to significant gains for the local economy over time. Imagine what your household could do with about $331 more per year.


What can you do?


If you are a small, even tiny business – maybe a soloprenuer, consider how you can re-tool your business to respond to the current environment. One area that is growing is eCommerce. Because customers are stuck at home, they are shopping more online, in need of having items delivery to their doors to stay safe and healthy. They are spending more time on devices and on social media. Businesses that can pivot to eCommerce, fulfill these needs, deliver their products to the customer’s home or provide a means for their customers to easily pick up items will thrive and may even see a boost in sales.


Why is an eCommerce website important?


A website is the backbone of an eCommerce platform. With more and more of your customers looking for products online, having a professional looking, mobile responsive eCommerce website is no longer important, it is critical.


We can help!


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