Use Your Skills to Find a Good Side Hustle

March 31, 2020

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You may be toying with the idea of starting a business on the side in addition to what you do 9-5 (or whatever your normal work schedule may be). Those used to be called a side job, consulting, freelancing, but now the term is side hustle. It is not hard to develop a side hustle if you take a little time to sit back and consider where your skills and strengths lie. Then figure out how you could turn those skills into extra income.


Where to start


A recent article from StartUp Nation provides tips on how to go about coming up with ideas for your side hustle. They provide some great suggestions on what to think about, how to do some introspection on your current line of work and how that can help you formulate a plan.

  • Your current line of work. What do you currently do for a living? Can your skills be easily translated to freelance work? Do you have a network of friends, former co-workers or clients that you can tap for referrals?
  • Your skills. Are you good at solving a problem or providing expertise? Do you have a better way of accomplishing something which you can then turn around and sell to others?
  • Identify a hole you can fill. Often times there is an unfulfilled need that is begging to be filled by someone that has specific knowledge or ability. It just takes someone with guts to get out there and do it.
  • Solve a problem. Most successful entrepreneurs have identified a problem, recognized that they were not alone in the need, filled it and marketed it.

The great thing is that by starting a side hustle, you can test the waters of your idea to see if it could become a viable business. As long as you do not quit your day job, you will still have steady income in which to pay the bills. And if your side hustle takes off, it could end up becoming a full fledged business.


Need help setting up your small business?


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Image: StartUp Nation

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