Using Discounts to Drive Sales

April 14, 2020

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Business may be down and often there are two schools of thought – pull back on advertising to save funds or increase advertising to try to help increase sales. But is it the right time? Thinking about the sensitivity of how ad messages may be received, this is a tough call.


Should you advertise now?


Many people are out of work, with many more likely to follow. The uncertainty in the air is thick. But certain goods and services are still in need and many people are still working and bringing home paychecks – essential workers, those that are able to work from home and those that already had home-based businesses.


How to advertise in this climate?


It is true that a well-targeted ad campaign with an offer that is on message and timed correctly can be successful. Consumers do not hate advertising. On the contrary, they are open to ad messages that are relevant. This is explained clearly in the recent piece from Entreprenuer. The article explores the type of ad messages in which a recent study of over 5,500 consumers would be receptive. The study found that the respondents were open to advertising, but a few messages were more palatable during this time:

  1. A discount off their purchase.
  2. Specifically, 30% off seems to be the magic number.
  3. Free shipping. (This one always seems to be a hit.)
  4. Provide an incentive such as a gift card in exchange for feedback.
  5. Reach them how they want to be spoken to. Video is king right now.

One additional factor that needs to be taken into consideration at this time is empathy in communication. It is a fine line that businesses must walk right now – expressing compassion with sincerity and being authentic. If your business is unable to thread this needle, it may be better off waiting.


Need help?


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