What is the Importance of SSLs?

May 13, 2020

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Have you heard of an SSL? Not sure what it is, but know that it must be important? We are here to tell you that it is. We will explain what an SSL does, why it is important, and how to find out if your site has an SSL and what to do if you do not have one.


What does an SSL do?


SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it serves a number of purposes:

  • It is used to protect your website from people who visit your site.
  • It also protects your customers from hackers aiming to steal user data such as email addresses, credit card information, social security numbers.
  • Further, it verifies ownership of a website.


Why is an SSL important?

If you have a website, an SSL certificate is imperative. It instills trust for potential customers and greatly enhances SEO. Google will not rank sites in search that do not have an SSL. Furthermore, most browsers will not allow customers to visit a site that is not secure by presenting a warning before loading the site. This Media Temple article provides more details on SSLs.


How to determine if your site has SSL


When a site has an SSL, it is recognizable by the small lock in front of the URL and the designation of “https” at the beginning of the URL. A site URL that starts with “http” does not have an SSL.


Need help with an SSL for your site?

If your site is lacking an SSL, we can help! It may be as simple as getting an SSL certificate for your site. Or maybe your site is outdated and in need of a refresh. If so, we include an SSL certificate in all new websites and site refreshes that we do!

We offer a free, no obligation consultation. Give us a call, send us an email, or schedule a time to chat directly on our calendar.

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